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We take a two-pronged approach in our work of empowering the rural folk to change their lives and shape their own future:

Building Awareness
Skills Training

Building Awareness
Rose Trust makes Dalits aware of their human rights and their political and social situation through the following methods:

Providing informal education about these aspects of their existence. Dalits, traditionally the most underprivileged people in rural and urban India, are socially, economically and culturally weak due to poverty, illiteracy and ignorance. Using this opportunity, the upper caste people dominate, ill-treat and exploit them.

The various rights awareness programmes conducted by Rose Trust have resulted in a better informed rural community that is able to challenge the status quo about its socio-economic standing and successfully change the age-old, unjust practices against it. Rose Trust makes extensive use of folk art forms such as street plays to inspire such critical thinking in the community.

Here are a few of the awareness campaigns we have conducted so far:

-Workshop Against Women Violence
ROSE organized a two day workshop on prevention of violence against women. About 62 women middle aged women participated in the workshop. Sr.Therasa was the chief resource person for the workshop. She communicated the importance of the role of women domestically and socially and also discussed the reasons and cause of violence, infanticide, unsafe abortion, unsexual practices etc. After the workshop commenced, the women ROSE against the atrocities against them and conducted street kits on the same.

-Organising Humanist Group
Rose Trust volunteers got the opportunity to talk to volunteers from Italy and learned a great deal about “self organization”, “personal work” and “social work”. Having initiated 14 humanist groups across 7 villages, ROSE conducted meetings on a weekly basis, discussing various issues and conducting community action programme. The volunteers paid a monthly subscription to the humanist movement. The team consisted of 128 members, 10 team delegates, 1 supportive and 1 administrative secretary.

-Youth Orientation
Nowadays, the younger generation is increasingly addicted to the intake of Tobacco, Pan Parag and other appalling activities such as smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. To sensitize the youth to these evils, ROSE organized a two day seminar on political empowerments, life skill development, spiritual guidance, yoga and other such therapeutic activities. The seminar created quite an impact and encouraged the youth to observe good behaviour, thereby training them to be socially responsible citizens.

IEC Materials (Information, Education and Communication)
The awareness programmes conducted by Rose Trust are supported by a vast array of IEC materials. These are often considered as the best tools in the hands of the development workers and are imperative for social development initiatives as they enable the social workers to structure the messages to be passed on to the target community.

One of the best set of IEC materials published by Rose Trust was on the subject of women’s rights. 1000 such posters were distributed to benefit neighboring organizations, other networks, field level organizations, hospitals, health centres, schools, village level administration offices (Panchayats), Government offices and private institutions. This initiative was supported by Maypole - UK.

Skills Training
Gone are the days when women limited their activities only to their kitchen and homes. The new age woman is more than ready to stand up for her cause and be responsible for her living. To help adolescents and young women stand up as strong, confident individuals in the society and become economically self-reliant, ROSE runs the following projects:

Tailoring Training Centre, training adolescent girls who are 16-18 years of age and young women 19-25 years in tailoring, including training in embroidery and needle work. 40 young girls and women are trained every year in 2 batches of 20 each for a period of six months. On the completion of the course Rose Trust helps them to obtain a bank loan to buy their own tailoring machine. To ensure that the quality of trained candidates is high, primary education has been prescribed as the minimum educational qualification for aspiring trainees.

Computer Cum Secretarial Skills course is also available to 40 trainees every year in two different batches at Vandavasi and Thellar blocks. School drop outs and unemployed youth who have had high school and higher secondary education are eligible to undergo this training. The basic skills of computer application and various secretarial skills like book keeping, communication skills and office maintenance are taught.







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